Sophisticated and Chill(ed Reds),
Raventos, Foradori, Vinca Minor


For those who like something a little deeper, this selection of light chillable reds with a classic, classy Cava are yummy and great for sharing with somebody cute.

Raventos is the oldest producer of Cava in Spain, so they surely know what they're doing - tight bubbles and bright acidity make for a very satisfying glass. From the steep slopes of Northern Italy, Foradori's Lezer is a black cherry tongue kiss with subtle smokiness and lengthy pull.  Vinca Minor's California Light Red harnesses a balanced blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Cinsault and Grenache and presents bright and rich and delicious. 

1x Raventos De Nit Cava
1x Vinca Minor California Light Red
1x Foradori Lezer


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