White ARS,

Sylvaner, Riesling,

rich, textured, old oak

A glamourous combination of top-tier French grapes grown in high-altitude, limestone rich Heiligenstein. Late October harvest brings additional ripeness and balance to the natural acidity of the organically and biodynamically farmed grapes. 

Vivanterre produce natural wines from the Auvergne region of France and aim to reflect only the "living earth" from which the grapes are sourced. 

Almost avant-garde in style - created by a combination of wine industry novices, a world-renowned sommelier, and a couple of natural wine auteurs - Vivanterre wines are thoughtful, quirky, and memorable. Chalky flint with rich body, subtle oak, and high acid. Decant this wine after opening to allow its slinky character to fully get comfortable in your glass. 


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